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Since 2005, Woodboss Log Splitters has been your #1 provider of log splitting equipment.  We are proud to serve the entire state of Pennsylvania and beyond. The Woodboss Log Splitter works by driving a piece of solid metal wedge through a length of log. The amount of pressure, or tonnage, a splitter can apply to the job is crucial. These workhorse machines can turn even tough logs, such as those from trees of oak, elm, walnut, and cherry, into a size that’s perfect for the fireplace, wood-burning stove or whatever your need may be.  Contact us today to get your own Woodboss Log Splitter, or if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!

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Please contact us with questions or concerns regarding our Woodboss Log Splitters. Call us today at (717) 935-2223

How to Use Our Splitter

For more information on how to use our Woodboss Log Splitters, please view our video!

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